Tuesday, January 27, 2015

MtGO Stats: RUG Twin 13 Jan to 27 Jan

Some interesting stats from my last two+ weeks of playing RUG Twin on MtGO.
I'm being fully transparent here--I have just under a 50% win rate right now. A lot of that is due to misclicks, F6'ing inappropriately, and such. I'd guess a 65-68% win rate would be more accurate had I not made those mistakes.
However, I do 100% deserve the losses (the misplays, misclicks, and the variance) and am learning from it. I'd like to post this type of update every once in a while to  track my progress with real data... we'll see if that actually happens or not.

MtGO Stats with RUG Twin
13 January to 27 January 2015

Games and matches won/lost against various decks. I have a breakdown of  all the "Homebrew" decks too.

(Edit: For clarity... the first row on this second chart is my total MWP and GWP for all Modern matches. The following rows are for individual matchups.)
MWP: Match Win Percentage -- GWP: Game Win Percentage

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